How Did I Get Here?

What made me start blogging?
I feel like I have a lot of ideas to share with the world, or just you. I may not be the most proficient writer, but I feel that I can write well enough to share ideas and projects with you all. I love to try new things and create new items. I want to share that with you, so we can help each other. As I learn, I can share with you and if you find a better, or easier way, you can share that with me.

I love trying new recipes or tweaking things to make them better, or creating a new one all together. I like to share the recipes with others because I know how much I like a recipe that is recommended by someone I know. Hopefully, you feel like we are friends enough to feel like I am not steering you wrong when sharing a recipe.

What do I hope for this blog to become?
I hope it becomes an inspiration for you to want to share with others. I want it to be a pick-me-up when you are having a not-so-great day. I would love for you to share your inspirations with me. There will be project ideas, my favorite products, recipes with a few inspirational quotes thrown in.

What is my job?
My day job is a Manager at a local, family-owned bakery. I have been in the food service industry since 1991…Yes, that long. I took a five year hiatus after my third child was born. Once he made it to Pre-K, I went back to work and found this wonderful company to work with. I get to be a baker and ice cakes.

What are my hobbies?
In my spare time…What even is spare time? lol. I collect records and Funko Pops. My Husband and I are refurbishing a dollhouse I started 25 years ago. It is about 3/4 of the way complete. We decided to sand it down and repaint it with new colors. Once we complete it, we have two new ones to build.

Right before all of the Covid-19 sheltering in place, I had purchased a Cricut Maker to make things for the dollhouse. Once we began sheltering in place, I started to learn how to use it and found how much I love cutting vinyl with it. One of my favorite projects is anything done on reverse canvas. I just love the ease of creating it and how it looks when it is completed. I am just now starting to dabble into heat transfer vinyl. I have done several projects with cardstock, folded flowers and rolled flowers. I think I enjoy weeding vinyl the most. While I am home, I am honing my craft and working to open an Etsy shop to sell my creations.

What do I want from you, the readers?
Ideas! What would you like to learn or see? What do you want to try that you would like to see done first? I’m open!

Thank you for letting me share a little bit about myself! I hope to get to know you all as well.

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